Not my typical video! Contains risque situations. I’ve been inspired by crazy and outrageous videos throughout the Maker community (Pat Lap, Paul Jackman, etc.)

40+ hours were needed to shoot and edit this video!

Question: Why did I create this video?
Answer: To thank Ryan & Amy from the Waylight Creations channel for randomly choosing me as the winner of their contest. I also wanted to do something for my friend Ed Hidden who sang this song during karaoke why back in our early 20s. Ed is a big guy like myself. There were about a dozen of us out that night. We were prepared to laugh him off the stage. To our surprise, and horror, he nailed it! Every jaw dropped. True story!

So… thank you Waylight Creations for the gifts… thank you Ed for a memory I will never forget… thank you to the Maker community for your awesomeness.