I have stickers! Want one? There are two options:

OPTION ONE: Are you a maker on YouTube and want to trade stickers? Well… you’re in luck! Here’s what to do:

Mail me your sticker and include your mailing address. If you want to include return postage too… please do! That’s a great way for me to keep my costs down while supporting all the awesomeness going on in my shop!

Matt Haas
Awesome Wood Things
PO Box 571
Enola PA 17025-0571

Outgoing international mail (outside the U.S.A.) can only happen if you provide return postage within your written correspondence to me.

OPTION TWO: Want to buy a sticker? If you live in the U.S.A., you can buy sticker(s) via PayPal. Click the “buy now” button below.