M-m-m-my Cremona

It’s time for the Awesome Wood Things channel to create another epic lip-sync video and you, yes you, can be part of the fun! This video will focus on Matt Cremona and tribute song will be “My Sharona.”

Q: Why am I doing this?
A: Steve House, a fine member of our community, suggested it. He also requested someone make this video. Well… I accept!!!

Q: How can join in on the fun?
A: Send me, Matt Haas, two clips: The first is you singing the lyrics: “M-m-m-my Cremona”, the second clip of you saying: “whoo!”

IMPORTANT: The first clip of you singing: “M-m-m-my Cremona” you should be looking DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA. Also, your head should fill the video frame approximately like the image pictured above.

The “Whoo!” clip you have full creative control over.

Q: What format do you need the clips?
A: MP4, M4V or MOV, Ideally 1080p, Other specs don’t matter.

Q: How can I get you my clips?
A: Basically, anything except attached to FB message. Options:

  • Attach your video files to an email: matt@AwesomeWoodThings.com
  • Use Dropbox on your computer, and share a folder you create that contains your files with my email address: matt@AwesomeWoodThings.com
  • Use a service like WeTransfer
  • Do NOT use Facebook to transfer files… I won’t be able to download them and that will make me sad.

Q: Will you use my audio? My singing voice is terrible!
A: No. Only the video will be used… the background audio in the final video will be the song itself.

Q: When will this be ready?
A: Unknown… sometime in 2017

Q: Does Matt Cermona know about this?
A: Yes! Matt Cermona is an awesome person and he knows this will be a tribute video rather than something malicious.

Q: Who is Steve House?
A: He runs this FB page… give it a LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/moonshinemetalworks/